11 Fitness is a first class personal training service operating out of Orange County, California. What makes 11 Fitness different? There is no shortage of health and wellness trainers out there. All claim to be different. Some have been athletes their whole lives, some have simply always been "gym rats". Some even purposefully gain large amounts of weight, then drop it all so they can claim they "know what it's like". At 11 Fitness, there are no gimmicks and no tricks.

I, Viktor Kovacs, have been overweight for most of my life. Yes, I enjoyed lifting weights, but I never had any idea what I was doing and I certainly had to no idea about proper nutrition or what it took to lose any significant amount of weight. Besides a brief stint in a local basketball league in the fouth grade, I was never an athlete. I rarely played sports, even for fun. Coming from a background with a big food culture and growing up with three brothers and a voracious appetite, I was overweight early on and for my entire life until I was 26. The self-consciousness, the guilt, the shame... I have been there!

I actually became a certified personal trainer at 300 pounds! I used that knowledge, as well as my experience up to this point, to put together a program, both in exercise and nutrition, for myself. I lost over 70 pounds and when it was over, when I realized I had reached a goal that was always just a far away pipe dream for my entire life, I knew I had to help others do the same... because if I can, then you can!


Me, before and after!